Hi, I'm Paul!

I am happy that you have made it here! Finding the perfect match when it comes to a photographer can be challenging a there are so many talented people to choose from!

I would be honored if you chose me!

When I am not running my photography business, you can find me rewatching The Office for the 100th time, listening to Beyoncé, and drinking an Iced Coffee! You will always find Bluey or a Disney movie on at our house!

Why me?

I have a passion for people, which is why I love being a photographer. Through my lens, I not only document the union of two souls but also create a visual narrative that reflects the unique essence of each love story. You're not just hiring a vendor; you're gaining a trusted confidant, a creative visionary, and a lifelong advocate for your love. Your wedding day is a chapter in your journey, and I am honored to be the storyteller. Let's embark on this creative journey together, capturing the beauty of your memories that will last lifetime!

The Porras Family

I met my wife, Melissa, back in 2010 while we were both working for Dion's. We got married on June 14th, 2014. Since then our family has grown and we have been blessed with two beautiful Daughters, Elena & Camila (#girldad). My family is everything to me! I work hard everyday and it's all for them!

Enough about Me! Let's get back to You!